With Silk Wings

With silk wings
By: Elaine H. Kim and Janice Otani (1983)

This book accompanying the With Silk Wings profiles Asian American women with careers considered non-traditional to most Asian Americans, such as writers, actors, politicians, police officers, and carpenters.


  • Sara Ishikawa
  • Patricia Lee
  • Heidi Aekyung Kang
  • Shirley Cachola
  • Sharon Maeda
  • Sook Nam Choo
  • Genevieve Lim
  • Merry Fujihara Omori
  • Beth Rosales
  • Chin-Suk Kim
  • Dorothy Cordova
  • Christine Choy

Forty Working Women

  • Actress: Bernadette Cha
  • Administrator: Jeanette Ishii
  • Art Historian: Kumja Paik Kim
  • Attorney: Eleanor Nisperos
  • Bank Executive: Claudia Locsin
  • Bartender: Gloria Costodio
  • Business Owner: Helen Yang
  • Carpenter: Rosemary Leyson
  • Cinematographer: Emiko Omori
  • Clergywoman: Nanwon Kim
  • Community Organizer: Janice Mirikitani
  • Computer Technologist: Natividad Capistrano Parris
  • Dentist: Myung Sook Son
  • Designer: Dahlia Castro
  • Electrician: Canyon Sam
  • Engineer: Helen Kim
  • Filmmaker: Linda Mabalot
  • Graphic Artist: Nancy Hom
  • Jazz Promoter: Nobuko Cobi Narita
  • Journalist: Ann Nakao
  • Judge: Lillian Sing
  • Machinist: Amy Arao Kelley
  • Medical Student: Fumi Suzuki
  • Musician: Jane Kuramoto
  • News Anchor: Wendy Tokuda
  • Park Ranger: Jo Ann Jeong
  • Pharmacist: Mae Takahashi
  • Police Officer: Lois Kwan-Leong
  • Politician: Dolores Sibonga
  • Produce Shipper: Gayle Okajima Kenner
  • Steelworker: Suzin Fong
  • Stockbroker: Irene Choi
  • Taxi Driver: Lily Cheung-Lai Chow
  • TV Producer: Deborah Yee
  • Tennis Teacher: Amy Yee
  • Travel Agency Owner: Rebecca Atienza
  • Union Worker: May Chin
  • Welder: Daisy Foo
  • Writer: Maxine Hong Kingston
  • Youth Director: Janice Kim

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